What`s Unique About Brass door knocker

There is nothing charming like brass door knocker, it has a traditional design. It’s unique design makes it match with any modern home style. If you want a door knocker for your outside door at home, town house or even an office. Don’t just settle for anything else other than brass door knocker.

This door knocker is characterized by a refined finish and can be screwed easily to your door from the frontage thus no fixings that will stand to show from your door`s inner part. It is not weighty thus has all it takes to be used as your alert signal whenever you receive a visitor. What’s more, door knockers are excellent option for adding home décor. If you wish to improve style and class in your modern home, don’t hesitate to buy a brass door knocker.

Vintage Polished Antique Brass Door Knocker Round Shaped

Vintage Polished Antique Brass Door Knocker Round Shaped

Why should you buy brass door knocker

Best quality

This door knocker has a brass finish and is of a high quality. Lower quality products is the last thing you want on your door. This is because a door knocker creates the first impression of your home to your visitors and there is no doubt that you want them to see elegancy and style right from the door. In that case, you door knocker should be made of brass as it will serve your needs perfectly well.

Highly decorative

Door knockers made of brass comes with class and style. It is eye catching and ideal for use as a décor item in your home. You can make a small heaven on earth with a modern home that is featured to such things as brass door knocker among other great and attractive home products.


What of a product that will suit any home style and class? Call it a fairytale if you like but once you install the door knocker in your home either for alerting you or for décor reasons you will be impressed by the new nature of your home. It will be awesome and admirable


Brass door knockers are of different style and the prices vary from one door knocker to the other. The prices depend on such aspects as type, use and quality. All the same, there is no door knocker that has a price that is too high. The prices are reasonable as the products gives you the value for your money. It is worth every effort.

Long lasting

How about a door knocker that has come to stay? Who on earth would love to spend all their money and time on a door knocker? The brass door knocker is long lasting sparing you the stress of going to the market every month. Also, it is highly functional and designed in such a way that it can withstand the outside weather. All you need to do is go for a door knocker that has a brass finish and matches with your door type. Brass door knockers are known to be one of the best for classic home that integrate modernism and artistic traditional effect.

How to Install a Vintage Soap Dispenser in Your Bathroom?

Bathroom soap dispensers are important accessories for any home. These are good ways to ensure personal hygiene and encourage kids at home to follow hygienic practices from a very early age. These are generally mounted near to the eye level, as compared to a normal soap bar Research has revealed that members of homes that follow regular hand washing practices are less infected by bacteria and viruses. Dispensers come in a wide variety of style and shapes, and you should choose those that seamlessly fit into the overall bathroom décor. Antique or vintage soap dispenser units are great choices. Find out how to set these up.

Go for easy setup process
The most convenient way to set up your new bathroom soap dispenser is to use silicon glue and double-sided tape, as no heavy duty equipment is needed in this case. As this is a completely superficial method, you might worry a little about how long the dispenser would be able to withstand heavy usage. However, it is likely to be alright, given that there is no additional weight exerted on the dispenser due to any pressure or pulling during usage.

vintage soap dispenser

Attach to a clean surface
You would have to attach your dispenser to a very clean surface. Based on the form of surface that would work on, nail polish remover, rubbing alcohol or a similar solution would possibly a good choice. While mounting the dispenser, you would like the spot to be dry. Do not us any cleaning solution with any oil-based ingredient.

Test the weight
Take the soap compartment off the mounting bracket. When the glue is still drying, you would like to have the bracket support minimum amount of weight. Firmly press your mounting bracket against the surface of the wall. Exert pressure for just some minutes. You will need a subtle balance to determine the amount of glue to be used. Do not apply too much glue, or it will ooze out of the bracket’s sides. If you find you have ended up applying excessive glue, just use a clean cloth to wipe off the excess amount. Allow the glue to dry completely before you reattach the vintage soap dispenser and put the soap in it.

Start using the dispenser
Once the installation is complete, let the area dry for at least 6 – 12 hours before you start using the dispenser. Put lotion, soap or shampoo in the dispenser and enjoy the process. It is probably sensible to make use of labels coming with the unit. Before there is any lasting damage caused to the vintage soap dispenser during the mounting process, make sure that the spot that you have chosen for the attachment offers sufficient space for easy cleaning and refilling. The last thing that you would want is to have your vintage dispenser fall down and break. Many of the antiquated dispenser units are quite expensive in price. Thus, it is a good idea to ensure that the dispenser is safely mounted in a good spot.

A few questions to ask while buying the brass towel bar

The towel bar is one of the key accessories, used in the bathrooms and toilets of the residential and commercial properties. One of the top choices in this category, the Brass Towel bar, serve utility as well as feature a classy and impressive appearance that enhances the show of the place. Paragraphs underneath shall answer a few questions that you need to raise before buying these products.

Is the size of the bar suiting to the size of the place you will install it?
The first and foremost important question that will come up is about the fitment of the brass towel bar within the space, wherein you will install it. For instance, if you will use the bar just above the washbasin, you will require bars of smaller sizes, compared to the size of the bar that you can install inside the bathrooms. Fortunately, the market has the availability of these bars in various sizes and hence, finding the most suitable option would not be a daunting task.

Do the design and shade of the bars complementing the design and the color of the walls?
No matter you are installing the brass towel bar in the bathroom, urinal or over the washbasin, you should select the color and design in a style that it suits and complements the design and colors of the walls on which the bars are being installed. The suitable pairing will enhance the show of the place manifold.
Another question that you need to ask the provider while buying the brass towel bar is about the possibilities of replacement and guarantee. Usually, the top providers offer standard length warranty on the purchase of these products. Hence, in instances of buying these products, you should always prioritize on the products from the top brands that comes with assured qualitative standing and within the most reasonable rates.

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