OMG CDA RTA – “innovation” with a new sauce

The day before yesterday I did not know anything about OMG, yes, in principle, I still do not know anything about it. No site, no social networks, nothing. I am tormented by vague doubts – is it not just another “daughter” of some famous “giant” of the wipe industry. And all why – because it’s very rare for companies to immediately shoot. So to say “from the ship, yes at once to the point”. Let this device does not destroy the “canons” of wapping, but it has certain ambitions, which developers hastened to report. 

In general, closer to the case – OMG CDA RTA . 
OMG CDA RTA - "innovation" with a new sauce ...
Case Material: Stainless Steel 
Atomizer Type: RDA / RTA ??? 
Capacity: 2ml 
Diameter: 25mm 
Dimensions: 67.5mm with a dripper (doubt)
Connector: 510, pin gold-plated
Weight: unknown
Color: black, steel, blue
OMG CDA RTA - "innovation" with a new sauce ...
Complete set
– spare oringi
– spare screws
– spare glass
– user manual
OMG CDA RTA - "innovation" with a new sauce ...
Design directly tell me “hooked”. And I caught my image, by some kind of integrity of form. Such a solid and chiseled chess boat. It looks nice, especially in the chart. 

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OMG CDA RTA - "innovation" with a new sauce ...
Drip type with well-looking rounded edges, smoothly completes the image of the device. He rests on a low rise. The size of it is 510th – you can add your favorite ones. The central hole is quite wide.
OMG CDA RTA - "innovation" with a new sauce ...
Next we are greeted by the top cap – it suits the drip type, though with clear edges. Its surface is crossed by vertical lines, contrasting with the basic color of the color. In combination, they are risks for easy removal of the lid. By the way, the bayonet functional is implemented here. Holes for refueling could not be assessed.
OMG CDA RTA - "innovation" with a new sauce ...
Evaporative chamber of impressive size. In addition, it has a rather interesting geometric pattern, which fits well into the overall image. The mine is also a very decent dimmer. In the lower part of the dome are four pairs of holes, which provide the supply of liquid to the evaporation chamber. And the supply is adjustable. And now the promised innovations, or rather, a new interpretation of the old solutions)))
OMG CDA RTA - "innovation" with a new sauce ...
I hope you all understand. It does not matter which dish to taste, it is important under what sauce it will be served. Apparently, the atomizer was baptized by the CDA – probably the “combed dripping atomizer” …

Well, for dessert, we still have a deck. Here, though everything is quiet – two racks, the installation counter. Fixation of spirals is successful. Wide openings of the bottom blowing. “Beautifully” air intake openings with a standard tightening torque adjustment ring.

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OMG CDA RTA - "innovation" with a new sauce ...
A bit strange situation with the sizes, namely height – it is declared 67,5mm – this is somehow from the connector to the end of the type drift. In general, I have doubts about this. Again, this hints at very small capacity of the device – only 2ml.
OMG CDA RTA - "innovation" with a new sauce ...
The pin is gilded and sufficiently protrudes from the connector housing.
OMG CDA RTA - "innovation" with a new sauce ...
The price is 46 $. I took it from a trading platform on which prices are overpriced, therefore, I think, in “normal” stores it will be 10-20% lower.
OMG CDA RTA - "innovation" with a new sauce ...
Advantages / disadvantages
+ design
+ convenient deck
– / + price
– atomizer capacity

Now It’s Available :OMG CDA Multi-function DIY Tank 2ml

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