Fuchai Glo 230W Starter Kit Review: It’s Ugly

I guess we’re not done with putting colorful LED lights on mods to give them that extra (superficial) difference that has absolutely no impact on the vapor production of a device. I can’t vape the LED lights, so why are they supposed to appeal to me?

Can we all agree that LED lights on box mods should end, like neon bike shorts, or capri pants? I’m just bothered by their complete lack of relevance to an overall vaping experience.

Fuchai Glo 230W kit Review

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Even though some companies have enough foresight to add the option of turning the lights off completely, like SMOKTech, the Hindenburg of box mods, the Pioneer4You IPV Velas had the distinct feature of incessantly torturing you with a festival of flashing lights that you could not turn off.

Fortunately, we can include the designers at Fuchai in the group of intelligent mod designers, since they did add a shut-off option for the LED band that wraps around the base of the Fuchai Glo 230W box mod. Why they included that band in the first place is another question.

The Fuchai Glo 230W box mod is the first device I’m reviewing from the Sigelei offshoot, and it is a starter kit that comes with the Sigelei SLYDR M sub-ohm tank and two coils options that range in resistance from 0.4ohms to 0.2ohms.

The Glow Box

Here’s what you’ll find in your Fuchai Glo 230W Starter Kit:

  • One Fuchai Glo 230W mod
  • One SLYDR M sub-ohm tank
  • One 0.2ohm SM6 sub-ohm coil (pre-installed)
  • One 0.4ohm SM2 sub-ohm coil
  • One Micro USB charging cable
  • One instruction manual
Too Much of the Glo

The Fuchai Glo is one ugly mod. Any reviewer who has been saying the Fuchai Glo 250W is “beautiful” and “streamlined” must either be blind or have been bought off by special interests.

The Fuchai Glo is the very opposite of streamlined. The buttons are all over the place and have different designs. The OLED screen is tiny, and is jam-packed with so much information and displayed terribly with ancient-looking fonts and numerals. And there are no labels or company logos on the actual box mod, although there is a “Fuchai” brand on the SLYDR M tank.

And the addition of the LED band that encircles the entire box mod was yet another blunder to make the Fuchai Glo one of the ugliest box mods I’ve ever seen. The firing button is alone, on the side of the mod, and there is only space that separates it from the USB charging port on the same side.

The selector buttons and OLED screen are on the side of the mod, just a little above the LED band. The buttons, again, share no similarity to the firing button, which has an LED square around it, while the selector buttons have no such illumination.

The mod takes two 18650 batteries that are bottom-loaded. The battery door opens and closes thanks to the magnetic plates it connects too. And it has a 510 connector pin at the top, which is not saying much since every single box mod on the market has one of those.

The SLYDR M sub-ohm tank fares much better in the looks department at least, in that it looks pretty much like every other tank out there. The SLYDR M is a top-fill tank with a push-back top cap that reveals your fill hole. Although it is a top-fill tank, the SLYDR M has two bottom airflow vents.

The tank has a confounding capacity of only 2.8ml. I didn’t understand why the tank wasn’t given either a precise 2 or 3 ml capacity, instead of an arbitrary 2.8 ml capacity, why 2.8 ml exactly?

An Easy Guide to Using the Fuchai Glo 230W Starter Kit

Once you’ve gotten over the plainness and offensively bad-looking Fuchai Glo 230W mod (it is, it should be mentioned, somewhat thick and cumbersome to hold). You click the firing button only three times, to get the mod started.


The OLED screen, as I mentioned above, is overflowing with too much information packed into a tiny, thumbnail-sized screen. And the display is just horrendous. There are too many different colors; again, the very opposite of streamlined, with the battery level indicator a yellow color, while everything else is either blue or grey. These colors can be changed, however; I think those colors were the defaults.

The main screen displays everything essential about your vape, from wattage to resistance, to amperage, voltage and all of that is overstuffed into a screen much too small to present all that information conveniently.

The vaping modes on the Fuchai Glo, despite its supposedly “innovative” chipset, do not push any boundaries. You have the basic temperature control, TCR mode, and variable wattage mode. One distinct feature that the Fuchai Glo does have is the preheat mode that you can access by holding the power button and the up button on the mod.

A preheat mode is not a bad mode to have given that you can get to your ideal vaping wattage faster and conserves your battery life. What does not save your battery life is the LED band on the mod, which it seems you can customize more than you actually vape.

The menus on the mod split between a power mode and a color mode. The color mode lets you adjust the duration of one particular color (red, green, or blue), which to me had no inherent vaping value whatsoever. I feel I should also mention that the O-Rings in the SLYDR M sub-ohm tank also light up, and the kit comes with O-Rings in different colors.

How I Vaped the Glo

All mods can be forgiven their trespasses on the eyes should they perform well at creating great, big clouds that taste great. But I guess that’s not the hurdle to be crossed anymore.

Vapor production is now the easy part in creating a great mod, and once you’ve loaded a mod with the essentials like a high-power output and a compatible coil and tank system, then it comes down to distinguishing your machine from all the other ones out there on the market.

And it seems that Fuchi decided to add LED lights to the Glo much like Reebok decided to add a pump to their shoes (shout-out to the 80s!) as its distinguishing factor since the vapor production capabilities of the Glo do not stand out so much.

This was my first time using the SLYDR M sub-ohm tank, which was easy enough to fill and has all removable parts, and fortunately comes with a replaceable glass tube. The bottom airflow slots have a rotating, ball-bearing system that lets you control your airflow precisely.

I used the pre-installed SM6 coil head that vapes best between 40-120W, so it doesn’t come anywhere close to matching the mod regarding its potential. I got big enough clouds, pushing 80W, and then 90W, all the way up to 120W where the clouds were steam-engine sized.

The flavor was good, not so crisp and well-defined, although, with the 0.4ohm SM2 coil head, there was more potential for a character at around 70W or even 50W. But again, the mod is awkward to hold.

It wasn’t heavy, but the positioning of the buttons, with the firing button on one side and the selector buttons too far away to be reached by my index fingers (at least for my small hands) was a negative for me.

The Fuchai Glo 230W Starter Kit Comparing to Others

I thought I’d take a second look at a much better-looking and better performing 200W device, the KBOX from Kangertech. There’s no competition between the two devices, at least in the looks department.

The KBOX is the definition of streamlined and uniform. It’s one-color, hard-shell, aluminum chassis with “Kangertech” beautifully stenciled onto its side is eye-catching and modern. There is also the fantastic “K” logo made up of pinpoint holes that also act as ventilation for the battery are just some of the ways the KBOX rises above the dull, mishmash of the Fuchai Glo 230W.

And, fortunately, apart from the OLED screen, the KBOX does not have any other LED lights. The KBOX is perfect for portability and durability. It’s much smaller than the Fuchai Glo, and yet it fits better in hand. The KBOX doesn’t skimp on power since it is also powered by dual, removable 18650 batteries that don’t translate into making the mod heavy or thick.

Get the KBOX. Contest over. It’s a better-looking device, and the 30W power output advantage that the Fuchi Glo has does not compensate for the idiotic LED band and the fact that so much was wasted by paying so much attention and detail to this one asinine feature.

What’s the Best in It


For that all important factor – vapor production – the Fuchai Glo at least got that bare minimum out of the way. But I did not understand why a 230W box mod starter kit would come with a tank that could only take 2.8 ml of juice. My enjoyment of the vapor was always tempered, however, after the vapor cleared and I once again laid eyes on the monstrosity I was holding in my hands.

What’s the Worst in the Glo


It’s just ugly. The box mod makes no sense; the screen measures only 0.96 inches and leaves no space whatsoever to make the digits easily readable. There’s nothing worse than having a power button alone, just to pair it with the USB charging port on the same side. It’s as if all the controls and screen gravitated to one side as if to escape the overall ugliness of the mod.


Not only is the mod hard to look at, its thick, overly thick, which, sure, might make it easier to hold, but it’s a nightmare for portability.


I started off this review railing against LED lights on mods; I hope we don’t see them again. Or at least let it serve some kind of function other than just stealing power from the batteries.


Now It’s Available :Sigelei Fuchai Glo 230W TC/TCR Mod

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Sigelei Fuchai GLO 230w – LED backlighting becomes a trend

After the success of the box-fashion Kaos Spectrum , Sigelei decided to continue its experiments with “luminous” devices for wicking. Fuchai GLO is a continuation of the popular Fuchai Plus, but with some changes. The main feature in the new device is the backlight at the bottom of the box-fashion, which has 6 colors. You can optionally put yellow, blue, green, purple, red or blue. At the same time in the whale version there is an atomizer, which is also highlighted, duplicating the color of the lower illumination. It is important only to put the right color of the o-rings (and in their bundle there are six colors) and then adjust the color of the glow of the bottom of the mod. With such a device you can definitely stand out in the crowd.



Box-mod, USB-cable, warranty card, two User manual for mod (Russian available) and atomizer SLYDR M, a set of multi-colored o-rings, 0.4-ohm spare evaporator SM2 Single Cylinder Coil Head – rated for 40-75 W, user’s manual about authentication, spare pyrex glass.


Atomizer Overview

On top of the cover is installed 510 drip-type, which is held on two o-rings. The top cover of the SLYDR M is shifted to the side along with the drip type and the tank can thus be refilled. In the lower part of the atom there is a blowing adjustment, which is the lower one. At the very bottom of the unregulated pin, which does not protrude and can not be considered a tank on mechanical modes.

The tank develops counter-clockwise. You can change the o-rings by selecting the desired color for synchronism with the color of the lower backlight, if you need it. The evaporator is screwed into the base by a thread.



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Height with drip-type: 51 mm 
Height without drip-type: 43 mm 
Diameter: 24 mm 
Weight 62.6 gr.

Review of boxing fashion


Height: 88 mm 
Width: 47 mm 
Thickness: 32 mm 
Weight with batteries: 221 g.


In the upper part of the sigil there is a 510 connector, which has a brass uncontrolled pin. The pin rotates clockwise and counterclockwise and does not carry any adjustment. Screw atomizers can be up to 24 mm inclusive, then there will be overhangs.

Next buttons fire and plus and minus. The fire button is flush, has a good click. Although someone maybe likes to stick out a little. The button has a light backlight, which lights up when you press it.


Body parts of the box-fashion are made of an alloy of aluminum and zinc, while the body is covered with something like a soft-touch coating.

The rechargeable cover is located at the bottom of the mod. With the batteries, the lid closes well, does not luff and does not crochet. Under the cover of the balance barrel charge.

On the front panel is a color TFT display, measuring 0.96 inches. The display is informative and better than on Sigelei Fuchai Plus. In principle, the menu is very similar to Sigelei Kaos .

The display shows graphic images of resistance, amperage, voltage, battery charge, and mode of operation.


Technical specifications:

Power range: 10 to 220 W

Operating resistance: 0.05 Ohm to 3 Ohm

Temperature: 100 ℃ to 300 ℃

Input voltage: 6.4 V to 8.4 V

Output voltage: 1 V to 7.5 V

Max. Outflow: 35 A

Operating modes: Varivatt / SS / Ti1 / Ni200 / TCR

Supported materials: Kanthal / MOP (304/316/317) / Titanium / Ni200 / TCR.


You can control the backlight via the menu. Three times we press fire and go to Color mode and then choose from two sub-modes: select mode and custom mode. In the select mode, there are six variants of the highlight colors. To Fuchai remember the color, you need to click on the selected color to fire.

There are also 3 options for backlighting:

when using – the backlight will remain lit while the screen is lit;

always on – the light will stay on;

light off – turn off the backlight completely.

In custom mode, you can customize your color by changing the RGB settings.

In general, RGB stands for the names of 3 colors: Red (red), Green (green), Blue (blue). Changing the shades of each color can choose a color that will be to your liking. The backlight does not consume much battery power.


Cons and pros:


– the only disadvantage, rather nitpicking, that atomizers with a diameter larger than 24 mm will have beads.


– on the cliromizer, you can pile on and taste, although not as bright, it still gives,

-box-mod perfectly lies in the hand, does not slip,

-a simple menu, everything is intuitively clear how to use it,

-increases from 0.05 ohms in the varivat mode,

-It is possible to update the firmware.


Now It’s Available :Sigelei Fuchai GLO 230W Mod

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USV ARC 240 – beauty requires sacrifice

American company USV “shoots” novelties rarely, but as it turned out aptly. Just yesterday, they finally implemented the release of USV ARC 240 . 
USV ARC 240 - beauty requires sacrifice ...

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Spoiler, I note that this boxing fashion is very ambiguous and contradictory. In it the outstanding appearance gets on side by side with strange ergonomics, but let’s first take a look at the characteristics. 

Dimensions: 86.5 x 61.3 x 30mm 
Weight: unknown, but should be small 
Housing material: ABS plastic 
Power: 2 * 18650 
Chipset: 32-bit ARM Processor 
Output power: 5 – 240W 
Voltage range: 3.0 – 8.4V 
Operating mode:POWER (Normal, ECO, Sports), TC (NI200, SS, TI), TCR, BYPASS 
Temperature range: 200 ℉ – 600 ℉ / 100 ℃ – 315 ℃ 
Supported resistance: 0.1 – 2.0Ω 
Protection: against low / from overheating, from short circuit, from wrong polarity, from recharge / overdischarge 
Connector type: steel 510, pin gold-plated, spring-loaded 
Screen / diagonal: yes, color, 0.91 ” 
Micro-USB port / charging: yes 
Update / flash: yes (probably ) 
Color: black, black with red stripe, red, blue, white, dark blue 
Contents – USV ARC 240 mod 
– USB cable
– user’s manual 
– warranty card 

As you have noticed, the characteristics here are full of minced meat – there is everything you need. In addition, the manufacturer braves with a statement about the ultrashort response time. 

But the trump card is the design of this boxing fashion. 
USV ARC 240 - beauty requires sacrifice ...
I have not seen such an extraordinary copy for a long time, which is so nice to look at, notice it is to watch, not to have. Naturally, this is more the merit of photographers, rather than the device itself – “tasty” to submit, perhaps, you can do anything. 
USV ARC 240 - beauty requires sacrifice ...
So, the form factor is rectangular, but here the profile is rounded so that one side panel is smaller than the other.
USV ARC 240 - beauty requires sacrifice ...
The corners are round, but there are no lateral faces. That’s where the doubts began to creep in – and whether it would be convenient for holding … The fire buttons are added to the fire in the fire. Just look at the photos, and everything will become clear to you. 

Another victim, brought to please the design is the width of the boxman. Because of this profile, the device is 6.1cm wide, which, naturally, again affects ergonomics. 
USV ARC 240 - beauty requires sacrifice ...
And it turns out that the owners of large palms will be able to grab a boxmode with a traditional “closed” grip. Apparently, therefore, the fire button and settled in the middle of the concave side panel. Pressing it will be more or less convenient only with the thumb of the right hand.
USV ARC 240 - beauty requires sacrifice ...
The only thing that is encouraging is the estimated weight of the device due to the materials used in the manufacture. However, the developers did not even bother to brag about it. 
USV ARC 240 - beauty requires sacrifice ...
The landing pad of the connector is steel, there seems to be no complaint about the planting. Just do not confuse the overall width of the case to 30mm with the real thickness of the boxing fashion in the connector area, of course, the second one will be much smaller. 

The display is set very deep in the case. I never liked such decisions. It is colored and does not represent anything of interest. 
USV ARC 240 - beauty requires sacrifice ...
The battery compartment cover is sliding and folding. 
USV ARC 240 - beauty requires sacrifice ...
The price is 80 $. For the western market this “waste” price, apparently. For us, a significant blow to your pocket. 
USV ARC 240 - beauty requires sacrifice ...
Advantages / disadvantages
+ design 
+ color options
+ performance 
– / + ergonomics 
– price
USV ARC 240 - beauty requires sacrifice ...
USV ARC 240 - beauty requires sacrifice ...


Now It’s Available :USV ARC 240W Mod

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Hotcig RSQ squonk mod – “great”, but give a price!

Another collaboration has generated, in my humble opinion, quite a decent device. Participating parties Hotcig and RigMod WW. And they produced a squonk box, managed by the already proven only from the positive side, waterproof HMchip. So, meet the year in an ultra compact size Hotcig RSQ squonk mod – I have nothing to do with it, so says the manufacturer))) 
Hotcig RSQ squonk mod - great, but give a price!


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Dimensions: 79 x 25.5 x 48mm
Weight: unknown (judging by the material used, it will be heavy)
Body material: zinc alloy
Capacity bottle: 7ml
Power: 1 x 18650
Chipset: HMchip powered by Hotcig
Output power: 1 – 80W
Voltage range: 0.5 – 7.5V Operation
mode: POWER, TC (NI200, SS, TI), TCR, BYPASS
Temperature range: 200 ℉ – 600 ℉ / 100 ℃ – 315 ℃
Supported resistance: 0.1 – 3.0Ω (presumably)
Protection: from low / high resistance, from overheating, from wrong polarity, from short circuit, from recharge / overdischarge
Connector type: steel 510, pin gold-plated, spring-loaded
Screen / diagonal: yes
Micro-USB port / charging: yes, charging current 1A
Update / firmware: yes
Color: black, steel, red, blue
Hotcig RSQ squonk mod - great, but give a price!
Contents – RSQ squonk mod
– Silicone bottle 2pcs (one pre-installed)
– USB cable
– User’s manual
– Warranty card

As soon as it concerns the dimensions. I did not have a lot of time to dig deeper, as it should, but, on the sly, it really is one of the most compact managed squonks of boxes on the market. So Respect, as they say.
Hotcig RSQ squonk mod - great, but give a price!
Oh, I like bricks. Apparently, Hotcig chose a team-mate on this principle – RigMod WW also gravitate towards such a form factor. Design, I will say right away, I like it. Strictly rectangular box with rounded corners, side removable panels – one with “zakosom” for carbon, the other with the relief name of the model.
Hotcig RSQ squonk mod - great, but give a price!
The “advertising space” of the company was divided among themselves as follows. On the side panel near the window the Hotcig logo was placed, and RigMod WW got the back side of the box.
Hotcig RSQ squonk mod - great, but give a price!
Looks boxed down, whole and clear. This will suit both a teenager and a serious businessman. In a word, well done, tried to glory.

“Disease” with the landing of atoms, apparently, Hotcig won. Now 24mm atomizers should sit properly.
Hotcig RSQ squonk mod - great, but give a price!
The control panel looks great. With the button the fire did not bother, they kept the same outlines, only increased the diameter – excellent.
Hotcig RSQ squonk mod - great, but give a price!
The window for pressing the bottle repeats the form of the boxman and is quite stylishly inscribed in the general ensemble of the device. Its edges have a pleasant bevel angle. Nevertheless, problems with the “exposure” of the battery could not be avoided. Here I am amazed, is it difficult to add a tiny plastic partition to the color of the case between the bottle and the battery? It’s elementary simply.

Inside the manufacturer decided to hide from the eyes of the owner almost all contact elements.
Hotcig RSQ squonk mod - great, but give a price!
There was a surprise. In the inner panel, located in the neighborhood of the bottle, built-in RGB backlight. It’s good or not, to judge you. But I’ll notice that it looks not as miserable as we used to see. The backlight is soft, “warm”, and not obtrusive – it turns out that the bottle is shining from the inside. Most likely, there is a function to turn it off.
Hotcig RSQ squonk mod - great, but give a price!
I hope that both side panels are removable, otherwise troubles with picking out the battery can not be avoided, since the ribbons are not provided.
Hotcig RSQ squonk mod - great, but give a price!

Now It’s Available :Hotcig RSQ 80W Squonk Box Mod

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Newly Freemax Mesh Pro Sub ohm Tank-Compatible with Dual & Triple Mesh Coils

Being the first manufacturer to release the Mesh Coil Tank in 2017, Freemax has received great acceptation by the mesh structure innovation and has been followed suit by many other ecig manufacturers. Now, Freemax keeps on making innovations and has just released its Freemax Mesh Pro Tank with Double & Triple Mesh coil technology. It largely increases the vapor but doesn’t compromise the flavor. Instead, it even delivers nicer flavor than RBA atomizers do. Adding to its brand new coil technology, it also inherits many other excellent technologies to make this Freemax Mesh Pro Tank a great device for vapers!

Features of Freemax Mesh Pro Tank:
1.Upgraded slide-to-fill top fill system
2.Colorful resin decoration
3.Compatible with multiple coils (check out below)
4.Adjustable positive pin is compatible with all mods/boxes
5.810 drip tip with U-shape anti-spitback design
6.Compatible with all 810 drip tips
7.Three optional glass tubes with different capacities

Specifications of Freemax Mesh Pro Tank:
Size: 25mm (Diameter)* 59.8mm (Length)
Capacity: 5ml (extra 6ml replacement glass tube, you can also buy a 4ml glass tube)
Material: Stainless Steel, Resin
Coil resistance: Double Mesh 0.2ohm Coil (60-90W), Single Mesh 0.15ohm Coil (40-70W)
Wattage Range: 40-100W
Thread: Adjustable 510
Drip tip: 810


Packing List of Freemax Mesh Pro Tank:
1* Mesh Pro Tank (5ml) (Double Mesh 0.2ohm Coil )
1* Extra Single Mesh 0.15ohm Coil (40-70W)
1* Replacement Pyrex Glass (6ml)
1* Replacement O-rings
1* User Manual

Multiple Coil Options:
Coils below are compatible with Fireluke Tank & Fireluke Pro & Mesh Pro.
Mesh Coil System:
1.SS316L Single Mesh 0.12ohm Coil (400℉-550℉)
2.Kanthal Single Mesh 0.15ohm Coil (40-70W)
3.Kanthal Double Mesh 0.2ohm Coil (60-90W)
4.Kanthal Triple Mesh 0.15ohm Coil (80-110W)

Regular Coil System:
1.Kanthal DVC Coil 0.15ohm (60-120W)
2.Kanthal DVC Coil 0.25ohm (50-100W)
3.Firelock Sextuple Coil 0.15ohm (60-140W)
4.Firelock Duodenary Coil 0.15ohm (80-180W)


What`s Unique About Brass door knocker

There is nothing charming like brass door knocker, it has a traditional design. It’s unique design makes it match with any modern home style. If you want a door knocker for your outside door at home, town house or even an office. Don’t just settle for anything else other than brass door knocker.

This door knocker is characterized by a refined finish and can be screwed easily to your door from the frontage thus no fixings that will stand to show from your door`s inner part. It is not weighty thus has all it takes to be used as your alert signal whenever you receive a visitor. What’s more, door knockers are excellent option for adding home décor. If you wish to improve style and class in your modern home, don’t hesitate to buy a brass door knocker.

Vintage Polished Antique Brass Door Knocker Round Shaped

Vintage Polished Antique Brass Door Knocker Round Shaped

Why should you buy brass door knocker

Best quality

This door knocker has a brass finish and is of a high quality. Lower quality products is the last thing you want on your door. This is because a door knocker creates the first impression of your home to your visitors and there is no doubt that you want them to see elegancy and style right from the door. In that case, you door knocker should be made of brass as it will serve your needs perfectly well.

Highly decorative

Door knockers made of brass comes with class and style. It is eye catching and ideal for use as a décor item in your home. You can make a small heaven on earth with a modern home that is featured to such things as brass door knocker among other great and attractive home products.


What of a product that will suit any home style and class? Call it a fairytale if you like but once you install the door knocker in your home either for alerting you or for décor reasons you will be impressed by the new nature of your home. It will be awesome and admirable


Brass door knockers are of different style and the prices vary from one door knocker to the other. The prices depend on such aspects as type, use and quality. All the same, there is no door knocker that has a price that is too high. The prices are reasonable as the products gives you the value for your money. It is worth every effort.

Long lasting

How about a door knocker that has come to stay? Who on earth would love to spend all their money and time on a door knocker? The brass door knocker is long lasting sparing you the stress of going to the market every month. Also, it is highly functional and designed in such a way that it can withstand the outside weather. All you need to do is go for a door knocker that has a brass finish and matches with your door type. Brass door knockers are known to be one of the best for classic home that integrate modernism and artistic traditional effect.

How to Install a Vintage Soap Dispenser in Your Bathroom?

Bathroom soap dispensers are important accessories for any home. These are good ways to ensure personal hygiene and encourage kids at home to follow hygienic practices from a very early age. These are generally mounted near to the eye level, as compared to a normal soap bar Research has revealed that members of homes that follow regular hand washing practices are less infected by bacteria and viruses. Dispensers come in a wide variety of style and shapes, and you should choose those that seamlessly fit into the overall bathroom décor. Antique or vintage soap dispenser units are great choices. Find out how to set these up.

Go for easy setup process
The most convenient way to set up your new bathroom soap dispenser is to use silicon glue and double-sided tape, as no heavy duty equipment is needed in this case. As this is a completely superficial method, you might worry a little about how long the dispenser would be able to withstand heavy usage. However, it is likely to be alright, given that there is no additional weight exerted on the dispenser due to any pressure or pulling during usage.

vintage soap dispenser

Attach to a clean surface
You would have to attach your dispenser to a very clean surface. Based on the form of surface that would work on, nail polish remover, rubbing alcohol or a similar solution would possibly a good choice. While mounting the dispenser, you would like the spot to be dry. Do not us any cleaning solution with any oil-based ingredient.

Test the weight
Take the soap compartment off the mounting bracket. When the glue is still drying, you would like to have the bracket support minimum amount of weight. Firmly press your mounting bracket against the surface of the wall. Exert pressure for just some minutes. You will need a subtle balance to determine the amount of glue to be used. Do not apply too much glue, or it will ooze out of the bracket’s sides. If you find you have ended up applying excessive glue, just use a clean cloth to wipe off the excess amount. Allow the glue to dry completely before you reattach the vintage soap dispenser and put the soap in it.

Start using the dispenser
Once the installation is complete, let the area dry for at least 6 – 12 hours before you start using the dispenser. Put lotion, soap or shampoo in the dispenser and enjoy the process. It is probably sensible to make use of labels coming with the unit. Before there is any lasting damage caused to the vintage soap dispenser during the mounting process, make sure that the spot that you have chosen for the attachment offers sufficient space for easy cleaning and refilling. The last thing that you would want is to have your vintage dispenser fall down and break. Many of the antiquated dispenser units are quite expensive in price. Thus, it is a good idea to ensure that the dispenser is safely mounted in a good spot.

A few questions to ask while buying the brass towel bar

The towel bar is one of the key accessories, used in the bathrooms and toilets of the residential and commercial properties. One of the top choices in this category, the Brass Towel bar, serve utility as well as feature a classy and impressive appearance that enhances the show of the place. Paragraphs underneath shall answer a few questions that you need to raise before buying these products.

Is the size of the bar suiting to the size of the place you will install it?
The first and foremost important question that will come up is about the fitment of the brass towel bar within the space, wherein you will install it. For instance, if you will use the bar just above the washbasin, you will require bars of smaller sizes, compared to the size of the bar that you can install inside the bathrooms. Fortunately, the market has the availability of these bars in various sizes and hence, finding the most suitable option would not be a daunting task.

Do the design and shade of the bars complementing the design and the color of the walls?
No matter you are installing the brass towel bar in the bathroom, urinal or over the washbasin, you should select the color and design in a style that it suits and complements the design and colors of the walls on which the bars are being installed. The suitable pairing will enhance the show of the place manifold.
Another question that you need to ask the provider while buying the brass towel bar is about the possibilities of replacement and guarantee. Usually, the top providers offer standard length warranty on the purchase of these products. Hence, in instances of buying these products, you should always prioritize on the products from the top brands that comes with assured qualitative standing and within the most reasonable rates.

Brass Towel Bars Wall Mount Polished

Luxury Polished Brass Towel Bar

Chrome Bathroom Towel Bar

Vintage Towel Bar Antique Brass

Amazon.com: Brass – Towel Holders / Bathroom Accessories
Results 1 – 24 of 613 – 1-24 of 613 results for Home & Kitchen : Bath : Bathroom Accessories : Towel Holders : Brass. … ELLO&ALLO Oil Rubbed Bronze Towel Bars for Bathroom Accessories Wall Mounted Towel Holder, Rust Protection

Review of SMOK Infinix Pod Kit

This is one of the two newest Pod System product from Smoktech, we have previously reviewed the Smok Fit Starter Kit. They have very similar features and performance, there are only a few differences between them.

The Smok Infinix Pod Kit, a unique and portable pod system with 250 mAh built-in battery and automatic firing system.

Honestly, the design of Smok Infinix Starter Kit looks awesome. It has a sleek cubic design that looks like a high-end pen that will match anything that you will keep beside it. This cubic design has a good grip that you can take advantage while using this device.

A very portable size with a dimension of 110 x 12.5 x 11 mm that will fit to anywhere you keep it, from small bags even in your shirt pockets.

As a Pod System/Starter Kit, the Smok Infinix will provide a good performance. It can fire up from 10 to 16 watts output, this is already enough to provide you a good amount of vapor which is way better than smoking cigarettes. It has a 250 mAh built-in battery that can last half a day to full day on casual vaping.

If you are a Beginner who is looking for a good Vaping Device to use, The Smok Infinix Starter Kit could be the best option for you, you can already have a good device without any complicated user interface.

As always, I really like how easily you can use this vaping device, with just a simple inhale it can already produce vapors automatically. The Smok Infinix Starter Kit can also provide a flavorful E-Liquid experience, this is also great for E-Liquids with Nicotine Salts.

Package List:
1x Smok Infinix
2x Pod
USB Cable
User Manual
E-Liquid Injection Bottle (10ml)

E-cigarette Brand Recommend:
Aspire Vape
Limitless Vape
Coil Art Vape
Tesla Vape


OBS have really made some arresting tanks over the years. It recently have now released an RDA – the OBS Crius RDA. The OBS Crius RDA is a pocket-size device. It has a fashionable appearance. It features a revolutionary rebuildable drip tank, which is designed for gorgeous flavor with 24mm diameter. It is designed with an innovative high-tech DIY deck. There is also a Zirconia white piece which is heat resisting, corrosion-resistant and anti-oxidant. The new 360° cyclic airflow system has 4 adjustable holes. The holes help to improve the flavor and increase clouds. The OBS Crius RDA with the easy top filling, a PEI drip tip and a BF pin is really a good choice for people who love DIY.

Features and Specifications of OBS Crius RDA:
Size: 24mm x 38mm
Material: 304 stainless steel
Thread: Gold-plated 510 connection
New 360° Cyclic Airflow System to Improve the Flavor
4 Adjustable Airflow Holes for More Bigger Clouds
High-tech DIY Deck with a Zirconia White Piece
Easy Dual Coils Building
Bottom Feeding Pin
Detachable Structure for Easy Cleaning

The OBS Crius RDA comes with
1x Crius RDA
2x Coils
1x Spare Parts Bag

The price is not high for a big brand RDA. And the OBS Crius RDA is now on preorder at Urvapin with a 12% discount. Are you tempted? We provide nice price and intimate After-Sale Service. If this product is broken after you receive it within one month, we guarantee that we will help to repair it. If any damage is caused by false use or man-made sabotage, we will not take the responsibility. Please read the User Manual carefully before you start to use it.

New Arrival:
Smok V-Fin Kit
Augvape Templar RDA