Review:eleaf iJust 3

With iJust 3, Eleaf updates its survival kit for the powerful vape. The recipe is known: a clearomizer dedicated to powervaping (here Ello Duro), screwed on a batterywithout adjustment in tube format. It’s simple, quite discreet in a pocket, and it can vape big clouds without worrying about settings or coils construction .

Radical !

The set comes in a well-organized rigid cardboard box, which also contains seals and a spare tank, additional resistance, a USB cable and a relatively complete manual.

The clearomiser Ello Duro does not usurp his name: his vape is hard! The steam is abundant, the hitvery powerful, the flavors are a little sacrificed on this altar, but they are not ridiculous either: one recognizes its liquids. Compared to a TFV12, the vape is more brutal, more vigorous, radical, especially since there is no power setting to calm the game.

The flow of air can be free, it can breathe in without missing oxygen, but its adjustment is progressive, a direct vape restricted to a vape very aerial, which allows to vary the vape, lukewarm open, warmer by closing.

In the end,  the Ello  Duro  provides a muscular vape, with a stronger hit than its competitors. E n  large, it  mounts the hit up a notch compared to nicotine:  a 3  mg will be  close to a 6 mg on another atomizer , which can be convenient for sensations while keeping nicotine low.


The liveliness of the steam is probably due to the resistances provided, which I thought for a moment made of mesh , but which, on closer inspection, are in fact made of perforated Kanthal grids . We are more on a kind of ” notch coil ” than on a mesh. And indeed, the feeling of vape is not the same: the mesh is softer, this grid is more hairy. I measured 0.16  ohm, which would give us a theoretical power of approximately 100  W when the battery is fully charged, and a current of 25  A . 

In fact, the battery is electronically protected, and provides only 80  W  at full power, which virtually eliminates the risk of drift.

Moreover, the kit is actually quite discreet, the size of a mechanical mod (below, it is compared to an iStick Pico Eleaf + Kylin, and a tube Wismec + Zeus). It fits easily in a pocket or small bag, and the firing button is wide, easy to handle with both index finger and thumb.

Ello Duro does not leak when used regularly, but it can do it a little, if it is allowed to sit for 24 hours with liquid in its tank. The construction seems solid and the finishes are good, the kit does not demerit against other setups.

This kit is therefore exclusively dedicated to the aerial vape with high power, around 80 W, its consumption is important, both in liquid and energy: even if the capacity of the battery is large (3000 mAh) it is necessary recharge it in the day.

In use, the tube iJust 3 has a small defect, not serious for the vape, but boring as a scruple. For the ancient Romans, who walked in sandals, a scruple is the little pebble that slips between the foot and the sandal, and that annoys! It was the minute France Culture … back to this battery: under the firing button, an LED is supposed to inform about the state of the battery (on or off), and the remaining charge in the battery (color ). But its light can be seen only by the thin day between the button and the body of the mod. Moreover, it is not very powerful, result: we only see it at night. In broad daylight, it is almost impossible to see this indication, it’s nerd.

Technical Review

The essential features of the Eleaf iJust 3 Kit

Type of material regulated kit
Dimensions mod 25 mm out of 87
Drums 3000 mAh integrated
Charge USB
Max. of the atomizer 25 mm
Atomizer dimensions 25 mm (28 with the bubble tank )
Capacity 2 ml or 6.5 ml
Filling by the top
Range of use 40 to 80 W
Drip tip 810
Weight of the kit 160 g
Available colors All!

The box includes

IJust3 battery (x1), Ello Duro clearomizer (x1), HW-N resistance 0.2 ohm (x1), HW-M resistor 0.15 ohm, micro USB cable (x1), spare parts kit (x1), user manuals (x2).

The battery in detail

The battery is built-in, rechargeable using a USB cord on a phone charger or PC, and it is possible to vape while charging. It’s simple and it’s made for.

The connection is obviously in the format 510, so it is possible to use another atomizer on the mod. The decoration is rather successful, with on the ass a kind of Occitan cross that will please the southerners. A degassing hole can save the situation in case of runaway chemistry.

Ello Duro in detail

It is built in a classic way, with a curved tank, capable of holding 6.5 ml, all the same. The drip tip provided is resin, quite successful for my taste. Its construction is robust, and finishes quite honest.

It is simply disassembled, unscrewing the base, which welcomes the resistance. A large black seal prevents any leakage between the base and the tank.

The filling is done from the top, sliding the top of the hat. Interesting tip, at first sight the filling joint does not seem open: in fact it is equipped with a lid, split in the middle, which deviates when you insert the tip of a vial. It thus preserves the cleanliness of the surface under the top cap : even turning over the atomizer, the liquid will not pass.

In short, in terms of construction, this kit is perfect, very practical to use, and reliable. 
Its only limit is its vape type, radical: it is perfect for those seeking a powerful vape, aerial and spicy.

Vaporous considerations on the interest of batteries without adjustment

Several manufacturers now offer kits of this kind: powerful atomizers equipped with a non-adjustable battery. Is it relevant for this type of vape? 
From my point of view, not without troubleshooting, it is better to have an electronic box that can be adjusted power and change the battery when you are far from any power outlet.

Manufacturers offer this type of battery for two reasons: first it is cheaper and it allows them to display an attractive price, then it allows them to communicate on the ease of use: no adjustment, no decision of head.

OK … Would we be so bad? Most vapoteurs are holders of the driving license, they know how to use a machine of a ton and a half, of 4 meters on 2, in the middle of other machines of the same ilk launched at speeds more or less big, with a steering wheel, mirrors, 2 or 3 pedals, buttons galore, a GPS, a gearshift and kids screaming in the back …

By becoming vapers, the same people would not be able to use 2 buttons to adjust the power of their vape, nor to open a hatch to change a battery? No, that does not hold, and the argument of the price is also misleading: by putting 20 € more, one can have an electronic mod, it is the price of 2 packs of cigarettes, the investment and largely profitable. In short, batteries without settings seem interesting in troubleshooting, but we can be more fun by using an electronic box on a daily basis.

In summary

 WE love

  • The radical vape
  • The quality of construction
  • The capacity of 3000 mAh
  • The ergonomics and simplicity of mod.

 We do not like

  • The radical vape
  • The invisible LED
  • The lack of power adjustment


The Eleaf iJust 3 Kit is designed to provide a radical, powerful and pungent vape for thrill seekers. Its 3000 mAh battery holds half a day of vape at 70 W, its production of steam is worthy of the stars of the cloud, and the flavors are not completely killed in passing. It has the defects of its qualities: it is impossible to go quiet on this battery. But with an electronic box, it can be more flexible.

Now It’s Available :

Eleaf iJust 3 Kit New Color Version

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Coilart Mage Mech V2.0

New Illuminate: Eleaf iJust ECM Starter Kit

Eleaf has launched the iJust ECM starter kit. The device was supplied with new evaporators, a battery with a capacity of 3000 mAh and a maximum power of 40 watts.

On September 11, Eleaf presented the iJust ECM kit on instagram  . A new version of the famous device was performed in five colors, each one had its own unique ornament engraved. Stainless steel was chosen as the base material. A triangular fire button with an integrated indicator was installed on the front side; a USB port was placed on the back. The landing pad was given a diameter of 25 mm and a spring-loaded connector.

The maximum power of the device reaches 40 watts. Resistance range from 0.1 to 3.0 ohms. Powered device from the built-in 3000 mAh battery. The charge level is displayed in green, blue and red as they decrease.The complete tank has a simple and clear design, as well as a color to match the color of the mod. On top is the firebox with a filling hole, hidden under the sliding cover. The tank works with two new evaporators, both are designed for 0.15 ohms and are equipped with nets, but with a different structure. The volume of the tank is 4 ml in standard and 2 ml in TPD version. Below there is a ring regulating tightening.

The package includes two evaporators, USB-cable, repair kit and instructions.

Main characteristics: 

  • Size – 137 by 25 mm
  • Weight – 159 g
  • Built-in 3000 mAh battery
  • Maximum power – 40 watts
  • Resistance from 0.1 to 3.0 ohms
  • Tank capacity – 4/2 ml

CoilArt Salt RTA Preview – Nic Salt MTL RTA

The Salt RTA By CoilArt Previewed

The CoilArt Salt RTA appears to be a new MTL RTA compatible with standard and Nicotine Salt e-liquid.

salt rta poster

MTL is a vaping style and tanks designed for this generally have more restricted airflow and use higher resistance coils.salt rta components

The Salt RTA kit includes some coils and cotton to get you started. In fact you get 6 coils in the kit – they are suitable for different uses:

  • For standard E-liquid there are 2 x fused clapton 0.65ohm coils – best at 20-35W.
  • 2 x 1.15ohm coils which are best for low nicotine nic salts – best at 10-20W.
  • And 2 x 1.6ohm coils for high nicotine nic salts – best at 6-15W.

salt rta coil optionsSo as you can see already you have plenty of options on how to build this tank. Plus you can use your own coils too!salt rta ss

The deck is a single coil deck which is designed to be easy to build.salt rta deck

Airflow wise you have 7 different airflow holes ranging from 0.6mm to 2mm to adjust the airflow to your preference.

The standard capacity is 2ml but there is a bubble glass to take the capacity up to 3.5ml.

There are 5 colours to choose from – Black, Blue, Stainless Steel, Gun Metal and Golden.coilart salt rta colours

Kit Includes

  • CoilArt Salt RTA
  • Bubble glass
  • 5xpre-cut cotton
  • 2xfused clapton 0.65ohm coils (for standard e-liquid)
  • 2×1.15ohm coils (for low nicotine nic salts)
  • 2×1.6ohm coils (for high nicotine nic salts)
  • Accessories bag

coilart salt rta contents

CoilArt Salt RTA Specs

  • Size:18x47mm
  • Top fill
  • 510 drip tip
  • Capacity: 2ml standard / 3.5ml with bubble glass
  • For nicotine salt e-liquid or standard e-liquid
  • 3 types of coil included in kit
  • Single coil deck
  • Adjustable airflow – 7 levels
  • PEEK Insulator

There have recently been a lot more MTL RTA’s on the market – some of the main ones include the Vandy Vape Berserker Mini and the Vapefly Galaxies. Both of which have been a huge success.

Now It’s Available :

Coilart Salt RTA

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Melee weapons: Uwell Nunchaku RDA Kit

Wewell released the Nunchaku RDA Kit. A new version of the starter kit was equipped with the same name drip with a pair of racks for one or two spirals.

September 15, the company Uwell introduced on its website a new device – the Nunchaku RDA Kit. The compact mod has received a new color scheme, consisting of five variations, otherwise its appearance remained unchanged. On the front side they placed the previous set – the hexagon fire button, a pair of adjustment keys and a miniature display. USB port installed on the back. The bottom is complemented by a twisting battery cover.

To power the device you need one 18650 battery. The board supports varivatt, thermal control and bypass. The maximum power reaches a value of 80 watts. Resistance ranges from 0.1 to 3.0 ohms.

The new complete atomizer is a classic two-column drip in the colors of fashion. On top is the 810th black thermoplastic drip tip. On the skirt there is a logo and a pair of elongated holes of the side blower, the tightening adjustment is carried out by a rotating topkep. Inside there is a pair of cylindrical struts, horizontally fixing one or two spirals, using massive hexagon wrench screws. The capacity of the bath allows you to use the ring-pin.

The package includes two spirals, screwdriver, spare parts, cotton, BF-pin and instructions.

Main characteristics:

  • Fashion size – 94.5 by 27.4 mm
  • Meals – 1×18650
  • Maximum power – 80 watts
  • Resistance from 0.1 to 3.0 ohms
  • Dripka size – 34.6 by 24 mm
  • One or two spirals
  • Adjustable side airflow

Now It’s Available :

Uwell Nunchaku RDA 80W Kit

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The Kangertech IKEN is the newest member of the AKD line, joining its bigger and meaner brother, the Kanger Five6. Marketed as a high-powered mod that’s friendly to both beginners and advanced users alike, the IKEN houses a massive internal 5100mAh LiPo battery which is used to power the device all the way up to a whopping 230 watts. With Kangertech’s recent resurgence in developing modern tech, one might feel that the company is wading in to new, untested waters.

Product Pros

  • Monstrous 5100mAh Battery
  • Relatively Compact
  • Leak Free Design

Product Cons

  • Included Coils are Rated for up to 60 watts only


Kanger IKEN Review: Breakdown

Build Quality

Packaged neatly in a revised box design that sports Kangertech’s new AKD line, I already had a good impression of the overall feel of the device. It’s hard not to be impressed when a company goes the extra mile in presenting you the product even after you’ve already purchased it. Bundled along with the IKEN mod are the IKEN tank, two SSOCC coils, a micro USB cable used for recharging the device, and the standard user manual.

Measuring out to 44mm * 42mm * 78mm (LxWxH), the IKEN mod is a remarkably compact device that rivals the footprint of the smallest and most ergonomic dual 18650 mods. Although it doesn’t utilize the 18650 battery technology, the IKEN’s 5100mAh battery promises longer lasting battery life and an even greater range of power delivery. Going all the way up to 230 watts, the mod is definitely not lacking in the power department, capable of powering the biggest and baddest coils anyone can think of. Considering this, it’s a pity that the two included coils that come with the kit are only rated for 60 watts maximum, disallowing the device to be vaped at higher wattages out of the box.

Weighing in at 211 grams, it definitely cant be considered hefty either. The Iken gives off a sensation when held that overall feels just right regardless of how big or small your hands are, thanks to the ergonomic shape of the mod which places your fingers in the perfect position to hit the clicky and responsive firing button. The up and down buttons are also easily accessible and feel responsive to press on, making any desired changes in wattage or temperature a breeze.

The front of the device is where you’ll find the large, clear, and crisp 1.51” TFT color display. While the resolution of the display is of a higher resolution compared to other devices, I found the colors to be rather drab or limited (Although this could be attributed to me being color blind, people who I’ve shown the mod to swear that there’s a hint of green in there somewhere). Colorful or not, the display is brimming with information that informs the user of the overall status of the device, whether vaping in wattage or temperature control mode.

The back of the device shows off a large and grippy carbon fiber sticker (no, it’s not real carbon fiber) which nevertheless feels great to hold against the palm of your hand, and gives the device a nice premium feel. Pairing this with the solid Zinc Alloy construction, the IKEN definitely feels like a durable and stable device that should withstand the harshness of time.

Vapor Quality

Kangertech despite creating all new designs for their mods, tanks, and even packaging, have chosen to stick to the tried and tested SSOCC coils which have been used dating back to as far as 2015 in their classic and world-renowned subtank atomizers.

It’s not a wonder why due to the SSOCC coil heads being one of the most popular and high-quality coils sold even up to this date. Almost needless to say that the flavor production of the SSOCC coils are outstanding in every regard, and while the airflow allows for more of a restricted draw, vapor production is still decent.

The new IKEN tank was designed to create a hassle-free experience for both beginners and advanced users alike. Thanks to the efficient dual top adjustable airflow design that pulls in air from the top of the tank, down to the bottom (Hence the U-Airflow nomenclature).

The biggest advantage that this design offers is it eliminates any possibility of the tank leaking at all. Majority of popular tanks in the market often use a bottom airflow design which promises better flavor and vapor production, but the drawback is e-liquid often pools up and leaks downward, out the airflow thanks to gravity. Kangertech has managed to create a top airflow design which rivals the performance of its counterparts without the annoying leaking problem.

The IKEN tank uses a top fill cap that is threaded on and off which reveals the adequate portholes for filling up with e-liquid, and with the sizeable 4ml reservoir, you won’t be needing to fill up the tank frequently when on the go.

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The IKEN features all the typical functions we’ve come to expect from high-powered regulated devices… and then some. Temperature control supports the standard nickel, stainless steel, and titanium coil head, while pre-heat functions and adjustable TCR are also available for tweaking.

What sets the IKEN apart is its ability to go into what can be dubbed as a “Beginner Mode” that refines the user interface to only allow beginners to vape in power or wattage mode, filtering out the advanced functions only used by experienced users and thus creating a more user-friendly approach that’s easy to use for even the most neophyte of vapers.


Although compact, the IKEN does create a sizeable bulge in one’s pocket which might not make it the most pocket-friendly device. It definitely does fit though, but it might be necessary to remove all other contents from said pocket beforehand (its never a good idea anyway to store your mod alongside other objects, especially metallic ones)

The 5100mAh LiPo offers plenty of lasting power that should carry even the biggest power users throughout a full day’s use. Typical usage extends the battery life up to 2 or 3 days which is very promising for those who would rather spend more time vaping than charging their mod.


The Kangertech IKEN kit is definitely worthy of your vaping dollars. With its solid zinc alloy construction, strong wattage output, and long-lasting battery, it’s difficult to find any reason to dislike this device. The IKEN tank with its leak-proof design, and great flavor production is a great pairing to this compact powerhouse.

Users who prefer swappable 18650 batteries might automatically give the IKEN a pass, but for those who prefer the convenience of purchasing a kit that offers a battery of this quality, the IKEN is a definite must buy, both for beginners and advanced users alike.

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Kangertech IKEN TC Kit

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The Cubox AIO Starter Kit is Joyetech’s latest release designed for beginners. Featuring an easy to use, hassle-free design utilizing a 2000mAh internal LiPo battery and a built-in tank that can hold up to 2ml of e-liquid. But can the Cubox AIO really compete with the rest of the pack? Let’s find out in the review below.

Product Pros

  • Great Coil Life
  • Doesn’t Leak
  • Great Flavor

Product Cons

  • Mouth to Lung Vaping Only

Joyetech CUBOX AIO Review: Breakdown

Cubox AIO Colors

Build Quality

Available in a variety of colors to choose from, Joyetech hit it out the park in terms of creating a pleasing aesthetic for the Cubox AIO, striking a good balance between minimalism and flair, with just the right amount of accents on the mod to let you appreciate its looks without unnecessarily calling attention to the device from far away.

The zinc alloy and plastic construction give the mod a nice heft to it, making it feel solid enough that it won’t break after a single drop while being lightweight so as to make carrying the device as comfortable as possible. Weighing in at only 104.5 grams, its one of the smallest and lightest all in one devices out there

Crammed into a tiny frame that measures out to a mere 22.5 *40 * 67mm, the Cubox AIO is a spectacle in its own way. Sporting an almost seamless design that doesn’t give off any sharp edges, holding the mod is a pure joy with its well-designed ergonomics. The firing button is located at a comfortable position, allowing easy access for either the index finger or thumb, depending on how you prefer to grip your device. The firing button offers a good tactile response, feeling clicky and not at all mushy.

The internal tank is visible from the front and off to the sides of the Cubox, giving you a good view of how much eliquid is left. I particularly enjoy the positioning of the tank away from the firing button, since a majority of vapers including myself naturally lean towards using the index finger to fire their vapes, this means that the tank will be facing you directly while vaping making it even easier to monitor remaining eliquid levels.

The side of the mod features the micro USB port which is used to charge up the mod. Other ultra-compact devices have been undergoing a trend where the USB port is located underneath the device to give it a cleaner look, but doing this makes the mod inconvenient to charge because it means the mod will be unable to charge standing up. I’m glad Joyetech didn’t implement this, instead going for a more practical approach in terms of charging port location.

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Vapor Quality

Straight out of the box the Cubox AIO kit comes with two Proc-BF coil heads rated at 0.6ohms each. These feature a restricted draw similar to a mouth to lung style vape which means you’ll be getting a lot more intense flavor with minimal vapor production.

Of course, this can be a good or bad thing depending on what you’re looking for in a vape. I just wish that Joyetech would have included a coil head that allows for more direct lung style vaping just to give everyone the option, especially considering that the Cubox does feature an adjustable airflow ring, giving it the potential to function as a direct lung vape with more airflow.

For a MTL vape the Cubox holds plenty of eliquid with a maximum capacity of 2ml. Refilling the tank is simple enough requiring you to unscrew the top cap off and easily drip down eliquid through the juice ports. Thanks to the all in one design of the Cubox, the tank is also leak proof, so you can rest easy about storing the mod in your bag or pockets without fear of potentially having eliquid leak out all over your belongings.

Cubox AIO Exploded


The Cubox AIO is a regulated mod so there are no options to increase or lower the vaping output. It fires at a fixed wattage depending on the remaining voltage or battery life held by the internal 2000mAH LiPo battery.

While variable wattage is always nice to have as it lets the device work with a variety of coil builds and atomizers, I don’t find it necessary for the Cubox, seeing as its a mod geared towards beginners who are more often than not, going to prefer mouth to lung style of vaping over huge cloud chasing builds.

Needless to say that the Cubox doesn’t have any options for temperature control, preheatable wattage, or customisable TCR. What this device does have however is onboard circuit protection, preventing the battery for from overcharging and over discharging, making it a simpler and safer option to mechanical mods despite both being unregulated.


While the battery of the Cubox AIO isn’t user replaceable and cant be swapped out on the go with a fresh unit, the device feature 2 amp charging ensuring that the battery can be easily topped up if you have access to a USB power source such as a laptop or power bank. Since the Cubox is primarily a MTL style device, he 2000mAh lasts quite a long time and can go for at least a day before needing recharging, but of course, your mileage may vary.

The sleek and smooth design makes it easy to pocket making it a comfortable device to bring with you on the go. The 2ml tank goes a long way as well before needing to top it off with more eliquid, so you’ll rarely need to bring anything else with you besides the mod itself.

Cubox AIO down


The Cubox AIO is a handy and easy to use device perfect for the beginning vaper. The appealing form factor coupled with the strong MTL performance of the included coils should make transitioning from tobacco smoking an easy experience. The Cubox might not be the ideal device for seasoned vapers since the kit lacks any coils that let you vape in direct lung mode, but is still a viable option for advanced users who might want a simple and no-frills secondary vape.

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Joyetech CuBox AIO Starter kit

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Review of GEEKVAPE Griffin 25 Plus RTA Atomizer

I don’t know how many times GeekVape can keep updating this same tanks, but now we have the Griffin 25 Plus RTA and this looks like the best one yet. This time around they are giving us both of the top caps in the box so you can switch between top airflow or not on the fly. While everything else looks practically the same on the outside, you’ll notice that the juice channels are a bit different. This is because GeekVape has given the build deck a bit of an overhaul in the new Griffin 25 Plus RTA.The Griffin 25 Plus is the upgraded Griffin 25 RTA. It is built with Kennedy style airflow, RDA-like wicking and a huge Velocity style deck.

It features with a Kennedy style bottom airflow,with a big 18.9mm velocity build deck,easy to fill the e-juice ,and Griffin 25 Plus tank capacity is 5ml .it is more bigger than Griffin 25 min version 3ml .using RDTA juice flow channel and Convenient wicking exactly same as RDA.Catch to carry Griffin 25 Plus in hand ! The GeekVape Griffin 25 Plus Tank is one of the latest atomizers coming from GeekVape. This tank is constructed of stainless steel and silica glass. Even though it looks very similar to the original Griffin 25, it is very different.

For one, the airflow is now a Kennedy Styled Airflow, which will surely improve upon the flavor! Not only is the airflow different, wicking this tank is different as well. According to GeekVape, you can wick this tank just like you would an RDA. The Griffin 25 Plus has a RDTA juice flow channel, and features a big velocity styled deck that is 18.9mm! Lastly, this tank has a 5ml e-liquid capacity, and features top fill.First of all, the build deck still sports the same 2 post velocity style so it’s still easy to coil. It’s very roomy, but the other changes make this a heck of a lot easier to wick too. You wick this Griffin 25 Plus just like you would with a dripper by placing you’re wicks on the floor of the deck. Another notable change is that airflow.

We get the perfect airflow design of the Kennedy in an rebuildable tank atomizer that performs like a dripper, which is a pretty sweet deal. You can enjoy both top and bottom airflow with top airflow set, or just Kennedy style bottom airflow. It features with RDTA juice flow channel and easy wicking exactly same as RDA.

The main differences from its predecessor is that the 25 Plus has Kennedy style airflow while the Griffin 25 RTA had a top airflow and standard option. Also, while the the tank capacity has been reduced by 1ml, the newer RTA has a larger 18.9mm deck, an RDTA juice flow channel and is easily wicked, similar to an RDA.The deck measures 18.9mm acorss and is Velocity style with dual posts that have dual terminals.Other than those awesome changes, this GeekVape Griffin 25 Plus RTA holds a good amount of ejuice at 5 milliliters.

The 510 positive post is gold plated for maximum conductivity which is always great. You’ll even find a single coil adapter in the box for the vaper who prefers to rock the single coil builds. The bottom line is that this Griffin 25 Plus RTA is one heck of an upgrade to a tank that was already pretty awesome to begin with! The 25 Plus is made from stainless steel with Silica glass tank and measures 25.0mm x 64.5mm. It includes two alternate top caps and is available in silver or black. The tank capacity is a big 5ml, preventing the need for frequent refills. At the bottom, there’s a fully adjustable positive 510 connection pin with full plated gold housing for good conduction. The included drip tip is 10mm in height.

Now It’s Available :Geekvape Griffin RTA

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Voopoo Vmate TC 200W Box Mod

Voopoo Vmate 200W Kit With Uforce T1 Tank

Vaporesso Luxe Kit

Vaporesso Luxe Mod

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voopoo vfl pod

joyetech ultex

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Geekvape Peerless RDTA Review: Solid Performance at Affordable Pricing

Geekvape Peerless RDTA Review

The Geekvape Peerless line of atomizers is one of the latest coming from Geekvape who’s well known for delivering excellent performing atomizers at affordable prices. The original GeekVape Peerless RDA was a favorite by many vapers and even made it to our Top 10 RDA Article. Geekvape is now back with a new atomizer to add to this line and have released the Peerless RDTA which adopts some of the key features of the RDA, but adds a tank section underneath.

Geekvape Peerless RDTA Review

Out of the box

The Peerless RDTA that I did receive was the sample version; therefore the final retail packaging could be different. However, if this was the retail packaging I wouldn’t really have an issue with it since I do like its simplicity and it does keep everything secure while in transit. The front of the packaging clearly states the name of the atomizer, and the back gives some minor details about what’s inside.

Included with the Geekvape Peerless RDTA you do receive the atomizer itself, a wide bore delrin 810 drip tip, a delrin 510 drip tip adapter, a spare glass tank section, a pair of exotic coils, a ceramic block for single coils, a 510 delrin drip tip, a bag of spare parts and a user manual. It’s definitely a pro that Geekvape includes all of these extras as this always adds value to your purchase. In addition, they are known for adding many extras in the packaging, so I’m glad they’re sticking to it. The base diameter of this atomizer is 24mm, so it’ll look great on most devices you attach it to.

Upon first glance, you do see the “Peerless” logo right on the top cap, and it’s not too flashy or anything, which is great. The 810 wide bore delrin drip tip is already installed, and it’s a pro for sure that you can use both 510 and 810 drip tips with this atomizer, as we know many of our subscribers really enjoy using their custom drip tips! The version I did receive is the 4ml variant, but they do say there is a 2ml TPD version available. I’m not entirely sure whether they’re adding a silicone piece to drop the e-liquid capacity or releasing a TPD version separately.

Geekvape Peerless RDTA Review

Also, I did receive the stainless steel color, but there are tons of other color options available such as Black, Gold, Red, and Blue. What makes this RDTA different from some of the others on the market is its fill system. It features a hinge lock filling system which is located right next to the edge of one side of the build deck. I do like this fill system, and this is something I’ll get more into later on in this review.

Just like the Peerless RDA, this atomizer does feature fully adjustable side airflow. Something worth mentioning is that the top cap is one solid piece, so the airflow control is built into it; therefore you cannot take it apart and clean it. Usually, we see the top cap and the airflow control section being separate. This can be seen as a con since you cannot completely take it apart when it comes to cleaning, but when you are cleaning it simply turn the airflow while washing it to ensure all parts of the inside of the top cap is being cleaned.

The Peerless RDTA did come clean with no machine oil whatsoever, which is certainly a pro in my book! One wash with warm water and this atomizer was ready to be built. Not to mention, the fit and finish of this RDTA are top notch!

All in all, my first impressions of the Geekvape Peerless RDTA was great! I didn’t really have any cons to be mentioned right away, which is always a good thing!

Building & Wicking

The Peerless RDTA by GeekVape does feature an upgraded Peerless build deck. If you’re used to the build deck from the original Peerless RDA, then this one will be a breeze for you. To describe the deck itself, it features 2 posts with multiple post holes meant for different coil builds. For example, there are slots which are much more suited to thicker coil builds such as Fused Claptons and Aliens, and then there are other post holes which are more suitable for simple round wire builds.

In addition, since there are multiple post holes, you have tons of different options in regards to what you can actually install in this atomizer. For example, you can utilize the two post holes towards the ends of the build deck to install your longer Clapton builds or the two inner post holes for your simple round wire builds. This is definitely a pro as it’ll suit many vapers preferences when it comes to what you can install.

With this build deck, I was easily able to install a spaced Dual Stainless Steel Fused Clapton with zero issues. Something worth mentioning is that the screws to screw in from the top, which is great for your exotic coil builds as a design as such won’t really twist or bend your leads.

Geekvape Peerless RDTA Review

Wicking is also very easy and straightforward. Simply cut your cotton to the point where you know the cotton will pole into the tank section, fluff it out and then gently tuck your cotton into the wicking ports. You can unscrew the base section to gain access to underneath your build deck if you want to pull the cotton through with tweezers which always helps when it comes to wicking these style of atomizers. I found that the best way to wick this RDTA is to have the cotton barely poking out into the tank section, and this also leaves you more room for e-juice in the tank section.

Overall, build and wicking the Peerless RDTA is easy! I do like this style of build deck as it can accommodate pretty much any build you throw at it. Not to mention, wicking can be done quite easily as well.

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Now the biggest question of this vape review is how does this atomizer perform? Well, I can surely say the performance is great! Firstly, my preferred coil build was a spaced Dual Stainless Steel Fused Clapton which had a resistance of 0.19 ohm. I did try other coil builds as well such as round wire builds and other Clapton coils such as contact Fused Claptons, and Triple Core Fused Claptons, which all performed well. I also tried a single coil build, but I personally liked how dual coils performed in this atomizer.

With this specific coil build, I would vape it between 60w and 80w. In addition, in temperature control mode, I would vape it at these wattages, but have the temperature set between 440F and 480F. At these settings, I would get a warm vape, which is something I do prefer. The flavor is very good, and better than what I had expected. I do recommend positioning your coils just a bit higher so that the airflow can hit both the sides and underneath the coil.

Speaking about airflow, it is incredibly smooth and very easy to adjust. I do think due to its design of being one solid piece, it makes the airflow adjustment smooth and easy. Even though the airflow is smooth, it is slightly on the noisy side, especially when you start to close off the airflow. Since I did like to close off the airflow about 1/4 of the way, I did notice it quite a bit. When the airflow is wide open, you don’t really get much noise.

Geekvape Peerless RDTA Review

The vapor production is also very good with the Peerless RDTA. I do want to mention that there is not a ton of airflow available, but I think it would satisfy the vast majority of vapers. However, if you do like a wide-open draw with very little restriction, then this RDTA might not be for you.

As mentioned earlier, this atomizer does have a 4ml e-liquid capacity and features a hinge lock filling system. The hinge lock is located behind one of your coils, so you do have to be careful when opening and filling. In addition, there is a piece of peek that is there and helps keep the seal secure so you won’t experience any leaking. This does tend to pop out here and there and is not very easy to put back into place since it’s so small. In addition, the opening itself is not large either, but you’ll get away with dropper bottles and unicorn bottles. Lastly, the hinge itself is a bit on the looser side, which can be seen as a con.

All in all, the performance of the Peerless RDTA is great! The overall performance is pretty similar to the RDA variant, so if you’re a fan of how that performs, then you’ll love this RDTA!


  • Solid build quality
  • Great flavor
  • Easy to build and wick
  • Smooth airflow
  • Build Deck can accommodate various coil builds
  • Single Coil Block Included
  • Easy fill system


  • Slightly Noisy Airflow
  • The hinge on the fill system is a bit loose
  • The top cap is one piece (Subjective)

Product Features:

  • 24mm Base Diameter
  • Upgraded Peerless Build Deck (Accommodates various coil builds)
  • 2ml/4ml E-Liquid Capacity
  • Hinge Lock Filling System
  • Fully Adjustable Side Airflow
  • Ceramic Single Coil Block Included
  • Includes Delrin 810 & 510 Drip Tip
  • Gold Plated 510 Connection
  • 510 Drip Tip Adapter Included
  • Pair of Coils, Bag of Spare Parts & Spare Glass Tank Section Included
  • Colors Available: Stainless Steel, Black, Red, Gold, Blue


In conclusion, the Geekvape Peerless RDTA is a solid performing atomizer that offers a unique fill system and a build deck that can accommodate various coil builds. I’m happy that Geekvape decided to keep this style of build deck as it’s very easy to work with, and the fact that you can install builds from simple round wire to exotic builds such as an Alien or Fused Clapton is a huge pro in my opinion. Not to mention, it does come with a single coil block, which is great for you vapers who prefer single coil builds.

Even though its performance and features are great, there were still some cons to be mentioned with this one. Firstly, the slightly noisy airflow may not bother some vapers, but it’s still something worth mentioning as it can become annoying. In addition, I do wish the hinge for the fill system was more secure and hopefully, this is fixed in the retail version. Lastly, the top cap being one piece is subjective as the only issue with this is that you cannot take it apart when it comes to cleaning.

With that being said, the Geekvape Peerless RDTA is still a great performing atomizer and it’s available at an incredibly affordable price. If you’re looking for a new RDTA and a fan of the original Peerless RDA, then I can definitely recommend checking out the Peerless RDTA.

Innokin Ares MTL RTA Review

As a person, I tend to not revisit old practices. I don’t watch many old movies. I still check out new music. Heck, I don’t even get excited about retro video games. In vaping, though I never forget my roots, I left mouth-to-lung (MTL) devices behind a long time ago. But thanks to the Innokin Ares MTL RTA, I found a whole new appreciation for this style of vaping, and a new go-to atomizer for pure flavor.

The vaping personalities behind the new Innokin Ares – Phil “PBusardo” Busardo and Dimitris “The Vapin’ Greek” Agrafiotis – may be dedicated MTL enthusiasts, but truth be told, you don’t even need to be a fan of MTL vaping to appreciate the flavor and quality this rebuildable tank atomizer brings to the table. Let’s dive in and take a closer look at the Innokin Ares to see why my mind changed quite a bit over the course of a few weeks.

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Initial impressions of the Innokin Ares MTL RTA

Innokin has always impressed with its dedication to top-tier packaging, and the Ares is no exception. On the outside, sharp graphics and clearly translated English make the product’s features easy to understand. But on the inside – yes, even with a black and white image of Phil and Dimitris staring back at you – Innokin has raised the bar for professional, mature presentation.

Inside the box, you’ll find the Ares MTL RTA itself, two pre-wrapped coils, a wide range of colored o-rings, additional wire, extra screws, organic Japanese cotton, and a pair of separate coil jigs – each representing the preferred build tools used by the vaping heroes on the box. But not only are these items included, they’re packaged in sealed, protective sleeves with clear labeling on each for the items within.

The Ares itself is an interesting tank. Though listed as an RTA, the deck is elevated, much like what we old-timers used to refer to as a Genesis Tank Atomizer (GTA), complete with large wick slots that can visibly hang below the deck openings, in full view of the glass, should you choose to build this way.And, in a nice touch, there is also an included QR code for additional video instructions to help all levels of vapers maximize their experience with the Ares RTA. It’s a tremendously elegant offering, and a model for other companies to follow.

One nice inclusion is the sloped, “bell-like” chamber cap, which narrows until it can connect with the already slim chimney section. This combination allows for a nice amount of vapor to concentrate as it travels smoothly toward your mouth. Is it revolutionary? No. Does it create strong, richly flavored vapor? Absolutely.

The rest of this “old-school” tank has some decidedly “new” features. A sliding top-fill cap has a wide fill port, with a satisfying “click” that keeps it open without springing back while injecting e-liquid. And the 24mm width means it won’t look out of place on today’s more robust devices.

Additionally, the versatile dual airflow control ring allows users to vary between ultra-tight, all the way to a wide-open setting that practically allows for restricted lung vaping. I tested all settings, and found that the tightest two settings were most akin to a traditional cigarette, without being overly snug. But, my wife, who is a full-time MTL vaper, actually found all settings to be looser than she expected, especially coming from two dedicated MTL enthusiasts.

She also indicated that the curved mouthpiece (one of two included in the kit) tightened up the draw a little further, bringing the experience closer to a traditional smoking experience. Is it as tight as the recently reviewed VandyVape Berserker? Not even close. But a setup like this fills several gaps for different types of vapers.

Building the Innokin Ares MTL RTA

Taking apart the Ares reveals an absolutely beautiful, user-friendly, single-coil build deck. It’s a straightforward two-post design that is perfect for new builders, simply because there’s no trimming or tinkering necessary until after the coil is seated.

(For the record, Innokin also included different types of spare screws for the coil capture, in case you prefer Phillips over flathead, or vice versa.)And, with a side-screw, open-top format, your coils should slide right into the generous terminals. In fact, that’s exactly what happened using the prebuilt coil included in the package. I placed it, turned each screw four times, snipped and wicked. It was about as effortless as coil building could be.

Though the included build tools allow for 3.5mm coil diameters, I found 3mm to be the sweet spot here. Though there’s ample room for a larger coil, I found the smaller, more concentrated build to improve flavor dramatically by comparison. My 2.5mm test coil also worked well, but the cotton seemed to choke a bit with the smaller diameter.

Also, I imagine creative coil artists will try to get multiple coil builds into the Ares RTA, but again, I’d recommend against it. The deck is designed for simple, no-nonsense coils, and I found it best to use it as intended.

As mentioned above, though the Ares MTL RTA can accept longer wicks down to the bottom of the chamber, I found my best wicking came from snipping the cotton tails just below where they stick out of the build deck. I tried a number of different wicks, and found the juice flowed best with minimal cotton in the way – just enough to cover each opening.

Of course, this worked best for sporadic bursts of chain vaping for testing. Under more normal circumstances, longer wicks might work better. Your mileage may vary (and probably will). But these decks offer a lot of versatility, so experiment to find the wick that works best for you.

One final note about the tank section – the 4mL capacity is absolutely gargantuan for an MTL tank. When used at lower wattages, on a higher-ohm build, with thinner, higher-nicotine e-liquid, I can imagine an MTL vaper getting more than a day out of each fill … even if they vape heavier than normal.

Vaping the Innokin Ares RTA (MTL)

Considering this tank was designed in part by two well-known vape reviewers – each of whom has access to countless high-end tanks and atomizers, it’s no surprise that the Ares vapes extremely well. What IS surprising is how well it vapes for such a minimal price point.

Starting with the included 1.0-ohm prebuilt coil, I wicked and juiced with a 6mg, 50/50 blend e-liquid, then tried it on my beloved Wismec Ravage. After just a minute of soaking, the Ares offered up surprisingly thick vapor, even at just 20-25 watts. Though the vape itself was cool, the flavor was rich and concentrated, with just the right balance of bite from the higher nicotine level.

I then tried to move to higher resistance kanthal coil, lowering the wattage to just 15 watts. Here, I found the build ramped well, if not a little too quickly. But, for seasoned MTL fans, this is a likely sweet spot that offered the same rich flavor, and cool mouth feel.

I decided to move next to a temp control build, using Ni200 wire, at a much lower resistance of 0.2 ohms. Even the thinner-gauge nickel seated well in the Ares’ massive terminals, and I had no issues setting and locking resistance in TC mode.

At higher temps, I did notice the much higher ramp-up requirements and narrow chimney did lead to short bursts of initial heat when firing, but the Ares quickly caught up and didn’t look back. Higher temperature/wattage vaping isn’t an ideal use of the Ares in my opinion due to the tighter chimney, but it nonetheless performed without fail.

My favorite coil to use on the Innokin Ares MTL RTA was one I built myself, using the spare wire included in the box. Reading at 0.75 ohms, with the airflow opened all the way, I managed to vape the Ares as both an MTL and restricted lung hit device, at a reasonable 30-35 watts. Here, I found a perfect balance of tighter smoking-like draw, and the warm, voluminous vapor I am used to from my everyday vape.

And even under these conditions, the flavor never failed to impress. While some draws might have gotten too warm for some, I was floored by how well the Ares continued to produce flavor, even with the snug chimney section.

Wrapping up

While I would be reluctant to call the Ares a “multi-purpose” atomizer, it certainly has enough flexibility to be appreciated by more than just die-hard MTL vapers. Innokin, alongside two of the most trusted names in vape reviews and advocacy, has developed a product with a near universal appeal, simply by how flavorful the resulting vapor is, from virtually any type of single-coil build.

Sure, I can imagine dyed-in-the-wool MTL enthusiasts questioning the somewhat looser draw of the Innokin Ares MTL RTA. But its deep flavor, rich vapor, and ease of use make the Ares a no-brainer for vapers looking to remind themselves of the products and practices that got them into vaping in the first place.

Now It’s Available :Innokin Ares MTL RTA

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Medusa Reborn RDTA by GeekVape – very, very ambiguous

I have already told you about two of the three devices provided to us by the Gearbest store – Druga RDA and Newbie . Now it’s Medusa Reborn ‘s turn . Yes, the device appeared quite a long time ago, so I will not reveal America to you, having told about its performance characteristics. But I stil want to share with you about my experience of using this atomizer.

Medusa Reborn RDTA by GeekVape - very, very ambiguous
Packaging : 

Atomizer came to me in the standard for GeekVape productspackaging. You will not find any super important information for the user – certificates, warnings, system for checking the originality of the device. Inside, except for the tank itself, I found a bag with accessories for servicing the atomizer – o-rings, a proprietary screwdriver. The most interesting in the set, I can call a pin for use with skonkerov. Unfortunately, I do not have such a box, so I could not test this function. 
Medusa Reborn RDTA by GeekVape - very, very ambiguous
Medusa Reborn RDTA by GeekVape - very, very ambiguous
Design : 

I liked the overall look of the device. Designers have definitely worked on this little thing, if only because you will not find something more or less similar on the market (not counting the first version of Medusa, of course). I regretted only that I got a black version, not a steel one. On the case there is an interesting engraving, and on the black version it is almost invisible. 
Medusa Reborn RDTA by GeekVape - very, very ambiguous

I have no complaints about the quality of assembly and processing. Where you need everything, where you need to spin and nothing falls off. I have long been accustomed to the fact that GeekVape has excellent product quality control. I can only find fault with the dimensions of the atomizer itself. So that I did not wind it up, the setup seemed to me just huge. Maybe the reason is that the device is more like a drip, and in my understanding the drip should be smaller 🙂 
Medusa Reborn RDTA by GeekVape - very, very ambiguous
Dimensions : 

Height – 40 mm. 
Diameter – 25 mm. 
Weight – 40 g. 
Medusa Reborn RDTA by GeekVape - very, very ambiguousMedusa Reborn RDTA by GeekVape - very, very ambiguous
Specifications :

The manufacturer stubbornly calls its RDTA device , but I don’t find another name for it other than Dripka, an overgrown one. This is the impression I got from the very moment I took the atomizer in my hands. In principle, the idea is quite simple – you get a base, as in a dripk, and a very very deep well for a liquid, into which the ends of the wool are lowered. In theory, it all works, but in practice I got a lot of negative feelings. 

Medusa Reborn RDTA by GeekVape - very, very ambiguous

I think you have already guessed that my overall impression is rather negative. So I will start with a positive point – the convenience of installing spirals. For this GeekVape atomizerchose a base with holes at different heights. Initially, I was rather skeptical about this, but using RDTA I realized that I was wrong. If you have two hands, then with a 99% probability you will not have difficulty installing spirals. The ends of the cotton wool are quite comfortable to be installed in the well due to the heap of free space inside. 
Medusa Reborn RDTA by GeekVape - very, very ambiguous
By the way, the size of the holes is decent, so we can try to put something big here, but I didn’t do that for one simple reason – body heating. Even with a brief soaring, the case heats up. No, I understand that this is a slight heating – this is normal, but in this atomizer everything is completely different, even the 810th Drip type from Ultem does not help. Plus, there is one too – it is impossible to soar without stopping, because you have to pause 
Medusa Reborn RDTA by GeekVape - very, very ambiguous
There is practically nothing to say about the blowing system here – two slots for air intake from both sides and adjusting the tightening when scrolling top cap. I practically did not use the adjustment and hovered on fully open slots. I have always appreciated the transfer of taste, rather than the amount of steam, in atomizers. I admit, I didn’t count on good taste transfer in Medusa Reborn , but it turned out to be wrong. In my opinion, the atomizer turned out to be quite tasty, and this I did not even experiment with winding and doing well with standard clapton.

At the same time, on the Internet you can stumble upon rather negative reviews about the quality of taste. Just remember that the taste and color of the markers are different. As for the amount of steam, then, as I said, I was not particularly perverted in terms of windings, but the pair was enough for me, but with time it gets too hot and I have to pause. 
Medusa Reborn RDTA by GeekVape - very, very ambiguous

Now we have come to the point that I most disliked in this atomizer – the refueling system. According to the manufacturer, RDTAholds as much as 3.5 ml of liquid. I do not know how much liquid there really fits, but a lot of manure just pours out when I try to fill the device. The first time I thought I was doing something wrong. It turned out that “so” does not happen here at all. In order to fill in the liquid, you need to remove the cover and try to “climb” between the cotton swab, wall, stand, etc. 

As you can guess, the process is not the most pleasant. One of my most hated moments in servicing atomizers (first place is a finger pierced by a wire) is liquid on the table, hands, the device itself, but not where it is needed. The problem is almost solved using vials in a very narrow neck, but discomfort is still unavoidable.

Medusa Reborn RDTA by GeekVape - very, very ambiguous
That is, in fact, all that I can tell you about this atomizer. For myself, I firmly decided that I will not use it – I just simply uncomfortable. At the same time, I understand that there are enough users for whom the device will like, maybe this applies to you.