Review of boxing mod Sigelei TOP 1 Mod


Sigelei company does not stop “stamping” new devices and almost every month another new product from a well-known brand enters the market.

But unlike its main competitors – the company Smok Tech, Sigelei rarely put failing devices on the market, the majority of their devices pass quality control and due to this Sigelei still, after all these years, remains one of the leaders modostroeniya.

Looking ahead, at once I will make a reservation that Top 1 was no exception, it is an excellent workhorse with a correctly working board. Of course, it didn’t go without minuses, but in this case they are not critical.

But about everything in order, let’s go through the technical part, the package bundle, and afterwards we proceed to a more detailed analysis of the box-mod.


  • Dimensions of the mod: 89 x 55.8 x 32 mm
  • Execution material: Zinc alloy
  • 1.3 inch round screen
  • Power range: 10-230 W
  • Temperature limiting range: 100 ℃ -300 / 200 ℉ -570 ℉
  • Travel Voltage: 6.4-8.4 V
  • Output voltage: 1.0-7.5 V
  • Maximum current output: 38 A
  • Supported battery format: 2 x 18650 (not included)
  • Available modes: POWER / SS316 / SS317 / Ni200 / TCR / Ti1
  • Supported resistance: 0.05-3.00 ohm
  • The supported materials of shopping mall: Nichrom / Stainless steel (316/317/304) / Titanium / Nickel / TCR
  • USB Charging: DC 5V / 2.5A


The mod comes to us in a pretty tin box, identical with the packaging of Snowwolf Vfeng. On the front side of the package we are met by the silhouette of a fashion and the very name Sigelei Top 1. Behind, in addition to technical information, there is a sticker confirming the authenticity of the device.

Package includes:

  • Box mod Sigelei Top 1
  • User’s manual
  • USB cable
  • Warranty card

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Impressions of use

Top 1 is a mod with a rather unusual design, I would even say with an “amateur” design, or, more precisely, a “motorist” design. The fashion screen is stylized as a race car speedometer, the rear part of the body is made in an identical style and resembles the supercar logo. Obviously, the novelty from Sigelei will appeal to car fans and enthusiasts.

In the case of fashion there are carbon and chromium inserts, and the first and second ones I don’t particularly quote when it comes to box mods. Chrome steel has the ability to “peel off” after a couple of weeks of use and gives the device a cheaper look. And it would seem that by all the external parameters of Top 1, I definitely “will not go in,” but, paradoxically, everything worked out exactly the opposite.

Initially, having unpacked the mod, I already rolled my eyes and hit my face with the palm, but as soon as I screwed / unwind a few atomizers to catch myself thinking that outwardly, Top 1 suits me more than completely.

The device looks very harmoniously in conjunction with almost any atomizer, whether it’s a tank or a drip. In particular, I came across a bunch of Sigelei Top 1 + Bravo RTA from Wotofo, which by coincidence came to me with a red acrylic drip-type, the color is in color with the back panel of the mod.

In constant use of the device, I spent a little more than a week, referring to this fact, I would not treat this article as a full review, but would rather refer to the “First Look” section. Anyway, I managed to reveal a few points in this box, both positive and negative.

Today we will start with the positive aspects:

  • The first thing I would like to mention in Sigelei Top 1 is an instant response to pressing the FIRE button. According to the manufacturer, the mod begins to “fry” after 0.8 seconds and I have no reason to doubt it. Spending parallels with Smok Tech again, just a couple of days ago the Mag Kit came to me and from the very first launch of the mod, the period of time waiting for the spirals to warm up seemed simply endless compared to the Sigelei box. It was because of the slow response when you press FIRE, a couple of years ago I completely moved to mechanical devices. And although, to this day, the mechanic was found guilty of stealing my heart, I am pleased with the fact that the mods on the board are progressing and do not stand still.
  • Already in that review in a row, I praise the ergonomics of the device and, in connection with Top 1, this is aerobatics. Due to the smooth expansion of the upper half of the case, the mod confidently lies in the hand and does not try to jump out at the right time. Just put a plus, for the lack of sharp edges on the body and the convenient location of the button.
  • For me, the fact that the connector for the box-mod is located in the middle of the case automatically throws the coin into the benefit box of the device. In all the latest releases from Sigelei and its sister enterprises, which fell into my hands, the connector is located exactly in the middle and atomizers with a diameter of up to 30 mm sit on the box like a glove, without overhangs. As the owner and fan of Steamcrave’s Aromamizer RDTA, this is definitely a nice addition.
  • Charging with a current output of 2.5 Amps is definitely plus Top 1 and although most of us use Nitecore and Efest charges, the ability to quickly charge via USB is a pretty nice and useful feature of the box mod.
  • Finally, I will note a simple and clear menu on the display. To exit to the settings, you will need to press the FIRE button three times and then you can change the mode of operation, set the pre-heating settings of the spirals, set the time, and also change the “screen theme”. Simple, convenient and reliable.

Here we come to the minuses of this box-mod, which also have a place to be:

  • The build quality of the box-mod is hardly flawless. No critical moments were noticed, but the first thing that catches the eye when changing batteries is the lid itself. Many people remember the first Cuboid from Joyetech, and so in the Sigelei Top 1, the battery cover in the open state reel like a tumbler. I did not notice any backlash in the closed state, but how long this lid will last is unknown.
  • Without looking at the fact that the heating up of the spirals when pressing the FIRE button occurs instantly, it is worth adding that the board’s response to the output in the settings menu is sooooo slow. Pressing the FIRE button 3 times to change any settings, the wait for entering the menu can go up to three seconds. Of course, this drawback cannot be called a global problem, but take my word for it, this is simply annoying. Especially when, by inertia, after a second, you click on FIRE three more times and turn off the mod completely. By the way, with on / off delay is identical.
  • I have repeatedly “scolded” the company for large displays in box mods. I have a smartphone, with excellent color rendering and resolution, against its background all these huge color displays in vap devices look, at least, ridiculous and nobody needs fucking. Add to the screen ala “hello from 2007” meaningless waste of battery life, as well as an increased risk of damage to the screen when the mod is falling and you realize that the profit in such displays is slightly less than zero. Vanguey, that by 2019 a “App Store” with applications will appear in the mods.


Without taking into account some errors of Top 1, the mod came out as a worthy device on the board, which stands out from the gray mass of devices with its appearance and work without any special errors. If you are not confused by the design of this box, I confidently recommended it for purchase.

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