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With iJust 3, Eleaf updates its survival kit for the powerful vape. The recipe is known: a clearomizer dedicated to powervaping (here Ello Duro), screwed on a batterywithout adjustment in tube format. It’s simple, quite discreet in a pocket, and it can vape big clouds without worrying about settings or coils construction .

Radical !

The set comes in a well-organized rigid cardboard box, which also contains seals and a spare tank, additional resistance, a USB cable and a relatively complete manual.

The clearomiser Ello Duro does not usurp his name: his vape is hard! The steam is abundant, the hitvery powerful, the flavors are a little sacrificed on this altar, but they are not ridiculous either: one recognizes its liquids. Compared to a TFV12, the vape is more brutal, more vigorous, radical, especially since there is no power setting to calm the game.

The flow of air can be free, it can breathe in without missing oxygen, but its adjustment is progressive, a direct vape restricted to a vape very aerial, which allows to vary the vape, lukewarm open, warmer by closing.

In the end,  the Ello  Duro  provides a muscular vape, with a stronger hit than its competitors. E n  large, it  mounts the hit up a notch compared to nicotine:  a 3  mg will be  close to a 6 mg on another atomizer , which can be convenient for sensations while keeping nicotine low.


The liveliness of the steam is probably due to the resistances provided, which I thought for a moment made of mesh , but which, on closer inspection, are in fact made of perforated Kanthal grids . We are more on a kind of ” notch coil ” than on a mesh. And indeed, the feeling of vape is not the same: the mesh is softer, this grid is more hairy. I measured 0.16  ohm, which would give us a theoretical power of approximately 100  W when the battery is fully charged, and a current of 25  A . 

In fact, the battery is electronically protected, and provides only 80  W  at full power, which virtually eliminates the risk of drift.

Moreover, the kit is actually quite discreet, the size of a mechanical mod (below, it is compared to an iStick Pico Eleaf + Kylin, and a tube Wismec + Zeus). It fits easily in a pocket or small bag, and the firing button is wide, easy to handle with both index finger and thumb.

Ello Duro does not leak when used regularly, but it can do it a little, if it is allowed to sit for 24 hours with liquid in its tank. The construction seems solid and the finishes are good, the kit does not demerit against other setups.

This kit is therefore exclusively dedicated to the aerial vape with high power, around 80 W, its consumption is important, both in liquid and energy: even if the capacity of the battery is large (3000 mAh) it is necessary recharge it in the day.

In use, the tube iJust 3 has a small defect, not serious for the vape, but boring as a scruple. For the ancient Romans, who walked in sandals, a scruple is the little pebble that slips between the foot and the sandal, and that annoys! It was the minute France Culture … back to this battery: under the firing button, an LED is supposed to inform about the state of the battery (on or off), and the remaining charge in the battery (color ). But its light can be seen only by the thin day between the button and the body of the mod. Moreover, it is not very powerful, result: we only see it at night. In broad daylight, it is almost impossible to see this indication, it’s nerd.

Technical Review

The essential features of the Eleaf iJust 3 Kit

Type of material regulated kit
Dimensions mod 25 mm out of 87
Drums 3000 mAh integrated
Charge USB
Max. of the atomizer 25 mm
Atomizer dimensions 25 mm (28 with the bubble tank )
Capacity 2 ml or 6.5 ml
Filling by the top
Range of use 40 to 80 W
Drip tip 810
Weight of the kit 160 g
Available colors All!

The box includes

IJust3 battery (x1), Ello Duro clearomizer (x1), HW-N resistance 0.2 ohm (x1), HW-M resistor 0.15 ohm, micro USB cable (x1), spare parts kit (x1), user manuals (x2).

The battery in detail

The battery is built-in, rechargeable using a USB cord on a phone charger or PC, and it is possible to vape while charging. It’s simple and it’s made for.

The connection is obviously in the format 510, so it is possible to use another atomizer on the mod. The decoration is rather successful, with on the ass a kind of Occitan cross that will please the southerners. A degassing hole can save the situation in case of runaway chemistry.

Ello Duro in detail

It is built in a classic way, with a curved tank, capable of holding 6.5 ml, all the same. The drip tip provided is resin, quite successful for my taste. Its construction is robust, and finishes quite honest.

It is simply disassembled, unscrewing the base, which welcomes the resistance. A large black seal prevents any leakage between the base and the tank.

The filling is done from the top, sliding the top of the hat. Interesting tip, at first sight the filling joint does not seem open: in fact it is equipped with a lid, split in the middle, which deviates when you insert the tip of a vial. It thus preserves the cleanliness of the surface under the top cap : even turning over the atomizer, the liquid will not pass.

In short, in terms of construction, this kit is perfect, very practical to use, and reliable. 
Its only limit is its vape type, radical: it is perfect for those seeking a powerful vape, aerial and spicy.

Vaporous considerations on the interest of batteries without adjustment

Several manufacturers now offer kits of this kind: powerful atomizers equipped with a non-adjustable battery. Is it relevant for this type of vape? 
From my point of view, not without troubleshooting, it is better to have an electronic box that can be adjusted power and change the battery when you are far from any power outlet.

Manufacturers offer this type of battery for two reasons: first it is cheaper and it allows them to display an attractive price, then it allows them to communicate on the ease of use: no adjustment, no decision of head.

OK … Would we be so bad? Most vapoteurs are holders of the driving license, they know how to use a machine of a ton and a half, of 4 meters on 2, in the middle of other machines of the same ilk launched at speeds more or less big, with a steering wheel, mirrors, 2 or 3 pedals, buttons galore, a GPS, a gearshift and kids screaming in the back …

By becoming vapers, the same people would not be able to use 2 buttons to adjust the power of their vape, nor to open a hatch to change a battery? No, that does not hold, and the argument of the price is also misleading: by putting 20 € more, one can have an electronic mod, it is the price of 2 packs of cigarettes, the investment and largely profitable. In short, batteries without settings seem interesting in troubleshooting, but we can be more fun by using an electronic box on a daily basis.

In summary

 WE love

  • The radical vape
  • The quality of construction
  • The capacity of 3000 mAh
  • The ergonomics and simplicity of mod.

 We do not like

  • The radical vape
  • The invisible LED
  • The lack of power adjustment


The Eleaf iJust 3 Kit is designed to provide a radical, powerful and pungent vape for thrill seekers. Its 3000 mAh battery holds half a day of vape at 70 W, its production of steam is worthy of the stars of the cloud, and the flavors are not completely killed in passing. It has the defects of its qualities: it is impossible to go quiet on this battery. But with an electronic box, it can be more flexible.

Now It’s Available :

Eleaf iJust 3 Kit New Color Version

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