USV ARC 240 – beauty requires sacrifice

American company USV “shoots” novelties rarely, but as it turned out aptly. Just yesterday, they finally implemented the release of USV ARC 240 . 
USV ARC 240 - beauty requires sacrifice ...

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Spoiler, I note that this boxing fashion is very ambiguous and contradictory. In it the outstanding appearance gets on side by side with strange ergonomics, but let’s first take a look at the characteristics. 

Dimensions: 86.5 x 61.3 x 30mm 
Weight: unknown, but should be small 
Housing material: ABS plastic 
Power: 2 * 18650 
Chipset: 32-bit ARM Processor 
Output power: 5 – 240W 
Voltage range: 3.0 – 8.4V 
Operating mode:POWER (Normal, ECO, Sports), TC (NI200, SS, TI), TCR, BYPASS 
Temperature range: 200 ℉ – 600 ℉ / 100 ℃ – 315 ℃ 
Supported resistance: 0.1 – 2.0Ω 
Protection: against low / from overheating, from short circuit, from wrong polarity, from recharge / overdischarge 
Connector type: steel 510, pin gold-plated, spring-loaded 
Screen / diagonal: yes, color, 0.91 ” 
Micro-USB port / charging: yes 
Update / flash: yes (probably ) 
Color: black, black with red stripe, red, blue, white, dark blue 
Contents – USV ARC 240 mod 
– USB cable
– user’s manual 
– warranty card 

As you have noticed, the characteristics here are full of minced meat – there is everything you need. In addition, the manufacturer braves with a statement about the ultrashort response time. 

But the trump card is the design of this boxing fashion. 
USV ARC 240 - beauty requires sacrifice ...
I have not seen such an extraordinary copy for a long time, which is so nice to look at, notice it is to watch, not to have. Naturally, this is more the merit of photographers, rather than the device itself – “tasty” to submit, perhaps, you can do anything. 
USV ARC 240 - beauty requires sacrifice ...
So, the form factor is rectangular, but here the profile is rounded so that one side panel is smaller than the other.
USV ARC 240 - beauty requires sacrifice ...
The corners are round, but there are no lateral faces. That’s where the doubts began to creep in – and whether it would be convenient for holding … The fire buttons are added to the fire in the fire. Just look at the photos, and everything will become clear to you. 

Another victim, brought to please the design is the width of the boxman. Because of this profile, the device is 6.1cm wide, which, naturally, again affects ergonomics. 
USV ARC 240 - beauty requires sacrifice ...
And it turns out that the owners of large palms will be able to grab a boxmode with a traditional “closed” grip. Apparently, therefore, the fire button and settled in the middle of the concave side panel. Pressing it will be more or less convenient only with the thumb of the right hand.
USV ARC 240 - beauty requires sacrifice ...
The only thing that is encouraging is the estimated weight of the device due to the materials used in the manufacture. However, the developers did not even bother to brag about it. 
USV ARC 240 - beauty requires sacrifice ...
The landing pad of the connector is steel, there seems to be no complaint about the planting. Just do not confuse the overall width of the case to 30mm with the real thickness of the boxing fashion in the connector area, of course, the second one will be much smaller. 

The display is set very deep in the case. I never liked such decisions. It is colored and does not represent anything of interest. 
USV ARC 240 - beauty requires sacrifice ...
The battery compartment cover is sliding and folding. 
USV ARC 240 - beauty requires sacrifice ...
The price is 80 $. For the western market this “waste” price, apparently. For us, a significant blow to your pocket. 
USV ARC 240 - beauty requires sacrifice ...
Advantages / disadvantages
+ design 
+ color options
+ performance 
– / + ergonomics 
– price
USV ARC 240 - beauty requires sacrifice ...
USV ARC 240 - beauty requires sacrifice ...


Now It’s Available :USV ARC 240W Mod

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